How much does it cost?

You may view the current tuition information under Tuition.

Is PPNS Preschool licensed? 

Yes. PPNS preschool is licensed by the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services (DHS) to care for up to 30 children daily. The school abides by DHS licensing requirements in order to function safely and effectively.

What is PPNS Preschool’s Hawaii State Tax ID #?


Where is the school located?

92 Kane’ohe Bay Dr., Kailua 96734. Google Map 

What is the PPNS Preschool commitment to diversity?

As an organization, we celebrate our differences [here]. PPNS preschool operates according to State and Federal law regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act. We make every effort to help children and families with special needs. We may ask our health care consultant for an evaluation of children with medical conditions that could affect their enrollment and participation in school activities. Please discuss special needs of your child or family with a Board member or a teacher.

Is PPNS Preschool peanut free?

While PPNS is not a “peanut-free” school, any prospective parent with concerns about any kind of special needs and accommodations for their child is encouraged to call the school to discuss how we might serve you. Our parents can be flexible and willing to make reasonable changes necessary to provide all of our children with a safe, supportive environment.

What kind of participation commitment will my family have to make?

The participation requirement now is 2 days per month as well as one additional monthly job. Our membership participation is what makes our school.  Our membership and participation policies are posted here. If you would like more specific information, please give us a call – (808) 254-8833.

What if I or my child becomes ill and I am unable to work my scheduled shift?

We understand that occasionally our keiki get sick on PPNS work days. If this happens, it is your responsibility to find a replacement parent. You will have a telephone roster — making phone calls are a more effective method of contact rather than emailing the membership in order to find a replacement.  Should you not be able to find a replacement for your shift you will be charged for the vacant shift.