Ready for Preschool?

Rules of Behavior

Understanding and following simple rules can help children develop self-control.  Children develop this skill by experiencing situations in which consistent limits and expectations are clearly and positively defined. Children feel more secure when they know what is expected of them. Expectations need to be realistic and take into account each child’s individual needs. Please review PPNS Preschool’s Limits and Expectations with your child and discuss why some of the school rules are different from your house rules.

PPNS-222Potty Training

A child must be potty trained or actively in the process of potty training to begin at the school. CHILDREN IN THE PROCESS OF POTTY TRAINING MUST COME TO SCHOOL WEARING UNDERWEAR OR CLOTH TRAINING PANTS, NOT PULL-UPS OR DIAPERS. Putting a child in diapers/pull-ups part-time, can be confusing and delay the training process. Scheduled bathroom visits will be incorporated into the school day to reinforce toilet training. Only teachers may assist children who have accidents.