Enroll Now for 2023-2024

PPNS Preschool is a year-round cooperative preschool community for families with children 3
through 6 years of age. We are a non-profit group managed by parents of enrolled children.
Parents collaborate with our administrative staff and teachers to make PPNS a positive
preschool experience. Our unique community often leads to a support network and long-lasting

Year Around School (with proration of one (1) month in June or July)

Operational Hours: 8:30-1:30

Schedules: T/TH, MWF or Monday – Friday (required for Pre-K)

PPNS provides hands-on, play-based learning through intentional and thoughtful teaching that
creates opportunities for children to develop a sense of the world through inquiry, discoveries,
exploration, interaction, and problem solving supported by a blended emergent curriculum that
combines the Hawaii Early Learning and Developmental Standards (HELDS), Creative Curriculum
and NAEYC accreditation standards.

We believe in focusing on Social-Emotional development preferring indirect adult guidance that
allows children to find their own resolving solutions.

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