New Playground

In June 2016, the PPNS preschool finished its new playscape. Our school’s philosophy is centered on the idea of children IMG_1786
learning through play. We support the concept that through sensory play, children discover their world and how to be successful in it. The more they play, the more they develop skills necessary to engage, change and impact the world around them.

We now have a beautiful and unique outdoor play space that allows our children to

1) play on an eco-friendly and safe playground structure that provides the sensory-motor developmental opportunities of sliding, climbing, swinging, spinning, and social-imaginative play.

2) maintain and enhance the natural play environment with opportunities to interact with the natural world.

3) add creative visual, auditory, and tactile elements throughout the play space.

IMG_1788By accomplishing our goal, we have provided generations of students with more opportunities to develop their seven senses and improve their learning experiences. We believe that this will assist us in our ongoing mission to provide our community’s children with a rich learning environment. Providing our preschoolers with a complete learning experience will better prepare them for their K-12 schooling and help them succeed throughout their lives.